About Daffodil School!

Daffodils started as a kindergarten school. But after 5 years on the demand of parents it turned into proper primary school in 1994. It was recognized, registered and got affiliate of Lahore board in 2003, till 9th and 10th class. It was founded on the basis of self help getting neither any donation nor any help from outside. Now it has flourished groom from bud with a full bloomed flower. Now it goes without saying that this school is a great blessing for this locality and is one of the top most schools of Lahore with very nominal charges. It not only provide opportunities of knowledge and learning but extra curricular activities are also given due importance. Religious and moral lectures are also given to all the students.

Mr. Malik Munir (Father), Mrs. Kishwar Muneer (Mother)

The founder Principal of this school Professor Mrs.Kishwar Munir was the moving force behind this project. She was Former Associate Professor of Education Department and worked for them for 42 years.

Mr Munir Ahmed,(Retd) additional director general, member of board and director holding the position of Finance and administration.

Mrs Rasheeda Fida, a well known educationist and a dedicated and prominent who served education department for 40 years.

Mrs Kausar Mashhadi, a learned and able teacher and a portlier writer and who rendered her meritorious services of education department for 38 years.

Mr. Arshad Saeed (Husband), Mrs. Lalarukh Saeed (Principal)

Mrs Naseem Khan, a learned and well known educationalist and educated teacher who served education department for 32 years.

Mr Arshad Saeed, M.B.A.USA, member of board of director holding the position of Finance and administration.

The above mentioned board of directory has put in alot of efforts to improve the standard of the school and to make it a succeed and enabled it to reach the Pinnacle of glory. We are highly grateful to the worthy board of direction for their prelim suggestion and educational experiences.

Last of all May God bless them with good health and lovely life to continue giving this school so that the beacon of light may keep burning with its eternal flame and this Alma meter became a Holly ground for its students. Ameen.